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  • Patti R. Williams, Baltimore, Maryland

    “What I love about this book is that it teaches us to be the masters and not slaves to the advancements of technology. Brilliantly written.”

  • Bobby Grantham, Frederick, Dupo, Illinois

    “I’m amazed at this author’s in-depth view about our society and the world we live in. This book is an eye-opener for me.”

  • Robert Jensen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    “This book arrived at the most crucial moment. Every one of us should read this book.”


About the Book

In the year when technological advancement finally reached its peak, people are already considered nonessential beings, highly reliant to what technology can provide. In this highly controlled environment, a small group of brave individuals is willing to stake their lives to regain freedom and their sense of worth.

About the Author

James Varner is a native of Bakersfield, California. He grew up constantly asking about existence and life. These questions inspired him to immerse into different philosophies to find the answers. He received a bachelor’s degree in sociology/anthropology in 1964 and an architectural degree in 1972. His volunteering in the Peace Corps allowed him to explore Europe, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Africa, and Mexico.

He currently works as an architect. He and his wife and grandson lives in Bakersfield, California. He loves to write about his family’s history, his experiences, and the mysteries of life.


The common people in general had become pawns, subservient to the society in which they lived. The sad reality of all this was that the average person was content and did not know any difference, excepting their life without a question. After several generations of automated controlled life, people had forgotten the value and intrinsic right to have the personal freedom of creative expression, to have a say in how their life was lived with a public forum to express those rights, hopes and desires.

There is however something deep within the human soul that silently cries out to be heard and allowed to fly free and express itself, but one has to listen deep inside to hear it. The vast majority of Alturians due to the Genetics lab conditioning had tuned out its cry, only a few disenchanted people who felt this inner cry for the freedom of expression tried to escape through the use of mind altering chemicals, suicide or isolation from society. They were seen as misfit deviants and shunned from the main stream.

“Alta, you are so right this sounds like an impossible task for the will of mankind has been robbed by the hand of a government that provides for ones every needs with no demands but loyalty to the system, but if we do not try the meaning of life will be lost. We must try, we owe it to future generations so they can rediscover the joy of personal creative expression and achievement, the joy and pain of being an individual in personal discovery of who and what they are.”

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