A New Age


Potential for Change

Times change. Generations pass and new ones emerge. It is normal to have a huge political, lifestyle, and technology upheaval during the changing of the guards. And there were also society changes in the past 50 years compared to the USA of today. Outdoors were safe, and kids were free to play outside with no time limit, apple and blackberry were fruits, and TV stations signed off at midnight. Because of terrorism, you couldn’t bring bottled drinks when boarding a plane and you would have to take your shoes off.

How do changes in technology affect the workplace and society? So many things have changed. Computers can be found in every desk in the office. The Global Positioning System (GPS) will give the user information on the time, speed, and the shortest route to the destination in any language. The wide world was made smaller with the internet. Cross borders and transact business with people on the other side of the globe with a click of the finger.


There were critical changes in the society with the advancement in technology. Swings and slides kids used to love are now replaced with online games. Birthdays used to be celebrated with friends and gifts around you; now you’ll mostly receive Facebook greetings.


Change is inevitable. It’s the only thing that is constant. It has numerous social and financial influences on humanity and requires extreme research with the intention to control its risks and dangers. Choices have to be taken cautiously. Ending with the wrong one may be difficult to regulate within the future and a steep price to pay.


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