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Are We Living in an Instant World?

Is technology training us to demand instant gratification? Deciphering the underlying psychology

It’s man’s inherent nature to want things instantly. Instant gratification is this desire to access to whatever one wants, whenever he or she wants it, and without any delay. This culture of instant gratification has made the present generation impatient, as they don’t want to wait to experience pleasure of accomplishing a task. They want it all now, right at the moment, when that desire pops up. When analyzing factors triggering this instant gratification addiction, technology appears to be the major driving force.

From Skype calls, emails, WhatsApp, instant messaging, and more—people can now keep in touch with friends, family, and others easily, unlike the earlier times when conventional mail took days or weeks to reach the sender. Getting calls connected, especially those placed internationally, was like winning a lottery. Uploading pictures of a vacation on Facebook or Instagram takes just a few seconds, and then all those in your network could instantly know how your vacation is going and could even post comments in real time.

Getting food on the plate, too, has become faster, thanks to several on-demand food apps that let you place orders with the tap of a screen, which is then delivered within 20–25 minutes, right at your doorsteps. Even shopping no longer demands us to go out because online shopping portals bring everything within our reach. We just need to browse websites, select we want to purchase, and place the order to get it delivered at our doorsteps—sometimes within just 24 hours of placing the order. When going out, on-demand transportation apps like Uber make it easy to travel from one place to the next.

So is technology training us to demand instant gratification? We could say it’s a big yes.


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