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Digital versus Analog: Why the Latter Is Making a Comeback

Reviewing analog vs. digital to declare a clear winner

Analog vs. digital is perhaps the biggest unknown battle storming the minds of tech enthusiasts everywhere today. Exponential technology triggering the most social and cultural transformation in the present day has made it more complex than ever. And probably everyone is on the cusp of a paradigm shift, leading them back to an older, simpler life—the analog one. Here are some of the most common real-life scenarios where the analog vs. digital debate exists.

Digital vs. analog phone

Many new entrepreneurs spend hours thinking which system to install—an analog phone system or a digital one. Though both digital and analog phone systems require professional installation these days, the initial expense for an analog system is quite cheaper and can support the features used by big businesses, to some extent. From a cost-saving viewpoint, it’s wise to start with an analog system and integrate that later with a digital system when required.

Digital security camera vs. analog video security (or CCTVs)

When it comes to security cameras, image quality is everything. With a grainy video footage, it can be difficult to decide who the perpetrator is. This is where digital security cameras can help. While analog cameras carry their signals over coaxial cable, their digital counterparts carry that over an ethernet cable, which makes the resolution similar to HDTVs.

Keeping in mind digital systems have their benefits, the world isn’t likely to move back to analog however nostalgic and fun it might be. Though we live in a digital world, the unique characteristics and value that come only from analog are worth its weight in gold.


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