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Do People Still Have Faith in Religion?

Active faith: Why numerous people still believe in God

To many people, religion is something that helps them find true meaning in life, spares them their existential angst, and helps them toward a fulfilling life. To them, active faith is the key that helps develop larger social groups. Again, there are people who believe that there are no such invisible beings who control the universe, and when hearing about it, they would probably back away slowly, smiling and nodding. The reality is, it’s all about faith.

There are lots of people not kneeling in mosques and walking out of churches, but does that mean the end of religion is coming soon? Probably not, because death of one type promotes emergence of another kind.

Belief plays an immensely crucial role in this context. It’s the acceptance of an idea, which guides how people judge things, act in the world, and, eventually, move ahead with their lives. Thus, it’s critical that beliefs evolve and alter. Else, people may end up with either fundamentalism or dogmatism, which in turn, would lead them to a constricted view of reality.

According to some people, conflict in belief is the key cause of war in the name of religion, but history doesn’t support this hypothesis. Wars rarely occurred in the ancient times, if ever, based on religious conflicts. Those that occurred were mainly to control borders, territorial conquest, respond to political authority or an internal challenge, or to secure trade routes. Wars during the Renaissance and Middle Ages were also typically about control and wealth.

With several regions of the world experiencing unrest due to religious issues, many believe that peace is indeed the greatest religious aspiration upon which everyone must work and have faith. Though religion isn’t going anywhere soon, the world will only be perfected by conscious acts of human beings who are unbiased to any specific religious belief.


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