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Advanced Artificial Intelligence Will be the End of Man

Artificial intelligence breakthroughs may soon make futuristic technologies take over humans—a threatening prediction by Hawkins

Robots helping humans, expressing emotions, and even learning and adapting to their owners’ preferences may seem like a dream come true. Yet artificial intelligence (AI), which gives machines the ability to become proactive, to learn, and to adapt on their own could be a threat for the existence of humanity. This was the warning of the late Stephen Hawkins some time ago.

When talking about the “artificial intelligence” future, the renowned physicist emphasized his belief there will be no real differences between what a computer and a biological brain can achieve. But he warned about the faster rate of certain AI’s ability to redesign itself with time. What this means is, though humans would be instrumental in bringing artificial intelligence innovations and breakthroughs, we will soon be replaced by AI, especially because of the slow pace of our biological evolution.

Way back in 1967, Ray Solomonoff, the founder of artificial intelligence based on machine learning, urged us to devote serious thought to potential problems that may be triggered by intelligent machines in the future and warned us to take steps before such problems crop up. With an increasing number of tasks with varying levels of complexity and responsibility delegated to machines—from driverless vehicles on roads, air traffic control systems, and guided missiles; to everyday mathematical calculations; GPS systems; and more—the threat of intelligent technology taking over humankind seems chilling but real.

Ray Solomonoff predicted long ago there will come a point in time in our artificial intelligence breakthroughs, research, and development that artificial intelligence would reach a level where humans will practically have no experience in dealing with them. This inexperience would cost us dearly as several problems and risks would arise due to intelligent machines taking over. Stephen Hawkins has warned sometime back that human complacency could spell its eventual extinction.


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