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How Can We Save Humanity from Destruction?

Citizens of humanity who identify threats and act before the situation worsens could be the solution

Humanity faces an imminent threat of destruction, thanks to technological advancements, especially in artificial intelligence and nuclear and genetically engineered biological weapons with potential of mass destruction. Add to this formula are global warming and other acts of humans that threaten the fine ecological balance of the environment. Together with man’s aggressive nature, the situation feels like heading to a dead end. But all isn’t lost because if citizens of humanity come together to tackle these challenges, humanity will still have hope.

From critically analyzing the potential risks related to present and future technologies (many of which could be presently at the development stage), to planning and implementing risk mitigation, and management with respect to the implications of these technologies—building a safe habitat for humanity would be the key step for these champions of the human race.

According to the late Stephen Hawkins, humans have an ingrained aggressive nature, which has helped the human race survive against several odds since the beginning of civilization. Yet he champions the use of reason and logic to control this inherent aggressive trait, or else, technological advancements may end up destroying humanity (by either biological or nuclear war). He says that people championing the survival of the human race need to come together to create some kind of a world government to identify such technology-driven threats and take action before the situation gets out of control.

Global warming is another factor that works against humanity. Though people are increasingly moving to alternative sources of energy, the trend needs to be encouraged because many still feel this move may be too little to overcome the excessive damage humans have already caused to the environment.


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