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The Dawn of the Digital Age and Its Effect

Communications, business, art, and society in the evolving digital age

The Digital Age

The advent of personal computers and the internet ushered in the digital age. Over time, as these technologies got better, the way people live in a community changed drastically. Information now can be transferred and shared with fidelity and instantly—anywhere and anytime around the world. Thus, the digital age is often referred to as the “information age.”

Digital Commerce

From the beginning of the 1990s, technological advancements brought forth new forms of communication, business, work, entertainment, and research. As the availability of personal computers and the World Wide Web improved, large corporations started making websites to market and sell their products. Business in the digital age would never be the same again.

Most businesses followed suit. Digital age marketing gave companies new ways to reach their customers. Airlines now allow customers to reserve, book, and pay for tickets through their websites, and vacationers can now book their hotel rooms through the internet. The way people do business change as society keeps up with every evolving technology.

Digital Communication

As high-speed internet and more personal devices became more available, communication in the digital age evolved. These days, post offices are slowly turning obsolete. Less and less people send snail mails nowadays. Emails, text messages, tweets, and other digital age forms of communication are way faster.

However, there are dangers with these kinds of communication. With emails, the receiver of the messages does not usually hear the voice of the sender, nor can they interpret the sender’s body language. These two factors are very important in interpreting the mood or the impact of the message that was sent. This can result in the messages being misread, misunderstood, and distorted.

Communication in the digital age may be very different from the past. However, the need to communicate is still the same. In fact, excellent communication skills are even more important now to properly deliver messages without face-to-face interaction.


As art is inspired by life, just like business and communication. Now, the advent of the information age or digital age has also affected art. Artists have been given a new medium—the digital canvas. The invention of digital cameras and art software allowed artists to experiment with creating their masterpieces in digital form.

Art in the digital age is far from the finished product. It is still evolving. The problem is that some “old thinkers” do not consider the contemporary digital arts as pure forms of art. However, they cannot deny how the digital age helped the then-small and elitist art world to become available to the masses.

With the help of digital technology, artists can now market their works to a wider range of audiences and not wait to be selected by art houses.

The rise of the digital age has a massive effect on society. Not only does it push societies to evolve on how to communicate and live, it also forced companies to change business practices. There are both positive and negative effects of the rise of the information age. However, it is up to people to keep up or get swallowed by the changes.

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