A New Age


The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of artificial intelligence breakthroughs in the modern society

The Rise of AI


In the science-fictional movies and stories, artificial intelligence (AI) is typically portrayed as robots that often resembles humans.  In movies like Ex Machina (2014), Kyoko and Ava are AI robots with human features, while in

The Stagnation of Technological Invention

Are best invention ideas already been used up?

After the American Civil War, the rest of the century was dominated by what people called “great inventions.”. Technological advancements were made to replace manual labor. Television was invented during 1940–1950, while the very useful telephone was invented in the year 1876. The years spanning 1870–1 . . .

Can Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Be the New World Currency?

Blockchain technology: the new internet could replace the world currency

Blockchain, a technology that was developed under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, is taking a multitude of deliberation in the digital world today. Speculations that Bitcoin could potentially take over the world currency in the future have sparked many discussions such as negating opini . . .

The Dawn of the Digital Age and Its Effect

Communications, business, art, and society in the evolving digital age

The Digital Age

The advent of personal computers and the internet ushered in the digital age. Over time, as these technologies got better, the way people live in a community changed drastically. Information now can be transferred and shared with fidelity and instantl . . .

How Can We Save Humanity from Destruction?

Citizens of humanity who identify threats and act before the situation worsens could be the solution

Humanity faces an imminent threat of destruction, thanks to technological advancements, especially in artificial intelligence and nuclear and genetically engineered biological weapons with potential of mass destruction. Add to this formula are global warmin . . .